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We are a Training Organisation that has a focus on the resources and infrastructure industry. All out training and assessments are nationally accredited and recognised, meaning you can use them in all states on all sites.
At the moment Industry skills only offers its services at a clients venue. This means we are contacted by our potential student or client to come and train and/or assess them at a premises/site that they have or are willing to provide.
In training we are at the forefront of new innovation to ensure all our clients are undertaking the most efficient process possible. we see our selves are the future of training.


Company: Aesthetic International PTY LTD 
Trading as: Industry Skills
ACN: 161 255 278
ABN: 65 161 255 278



Working in the construction industry for over a decade it came to my attention that there is a huge gap for skilled workers with good work ethic and a positive attitude. 
On nearly every construction site I worked on there were only a few standout workers and the rest were just doing the motions or looking for places to hide.
I wanted to start a company that had skill at its core, that encouraged a positive, safe work environment and good work ethic.
Having skill at our core we ensure all your training needs can be met in the most efficient way possible.
Give us a call to discuss your training needs.

Proud to be Australian

Registered Training Organisation

RTO Approval Number: 41072
Company: Aesthetic International PTY LTD
Trading as: Industry Skills
ACN: 161 255 278
ABN: 65 161 255 278


In construction safety is paramount and comes before all else. In construction lives have been lost and companies have been brought to the ground for having poor safety processes. You employees are your biggest asset and make up the foundation of your company. At Industry Skills we strive for perfection in all safety areas.


Training is at the core of good emplyees.