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Industry Skills

RIIHAN309F Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations


RIIHAN309F Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations covers conducting telescopic materials handler operations in the construction industry. This course is appropriate for those working in a operational role, at worksites within civil construction, coal mining, drilling, extractive industries, metalliferous mining looking to operate the tele-handler.


Course Cost


  • Training and assessment - $550 per student (3 day course)
  • Assessment only - $300 (extensive experience is required, please contact us to check eligibility and get a separate quote)




  • Good verbal and written comprehension of the English language
  • Photo ID
  • Obtain a USI (


Duration of Course


  • Course duration for training and assessment is 3 days
  • Assessment only 1 day


Training Location


  • Face to face delivery on-site training and assessment


Course Overview


  • Training sessions will be carried out on site and in a classroom environment for theory and in a safe designated area on site for practical.

Performance elements:

      1.Plan & prepare for telescopic materials handler operations
      2.Conduct telescopic materials handler pre-operational checks
      3.Operate telescopic materials handler
      4.Attach, secure, lift, carry and place materials
      5.Select, remove and fit attachments
      6.Relocate the telescopic materials handler
      7.Carry out machine operator maintenance
      8.Conduct housekeeping activities



    Language, Literacy & Numeracy


    Allowances can be made for participants with language, literacy & numeracy issues. If you experience any learning difficulties, please make us aware at the time of your booking & the Trainer will be notified prior to your attendance for the course. Depending on your learning difficulty, the Trainer can spend extra time assisting you and/or do a verbal assessment with you.






    • All participants that successfully complete the course will be issued with a statement of attainment. This unit of competency is nationally recognized.




    RPL recognises that people who already have the knowledge and skills required for competency in various elements of units of an accredited training package should not be required to re-learn what they already know. The process of RPL also takes into account that various competencies can be acquired through:

    • previous qualification,
    • work experience and
    • Life experience.
    • Video evidence

    RPL requires that evidence of competency are demonstrated. Please contact the RTO if you feel you are eligible for this assessment pathway.

    RIIHAN309F Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations

    RIIHAN309F Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations